tatayeyet is a happy & colorful world where you can find original and one-of-a-kind art and decorative items, designed by jemae. if you appreciate individual artistic expression or simply enjoy pretty, edgy, unique things, this is the place to find them.

tatayeyet is borne out of the creative duo of jemae and sam. it is also a creative playground for its co-founder and designer, jemae, to roam free and express himself through beautifully created designs.

jemae is no rookie to the design realm and has been an industrial designer for 18 years.

tatayeyet was borne after four of jemae's designs were selected by Threadless, a renowned online community of independent t-shirt designers. the winning designs are home sweet home, treasure map, shiver me timbers and elee, my extraordinary pet.

after jemae's quadruple wins, soon, more and more of the Threadless community became fan of his work and later, he joined the ranks of the top 15 designers for Threadless' People's Choice Bestee of the Year 2007.

spurred on by this success, jemae submitted designs to other unique t-shirt communities, Unetee and La Fraise, where 2 of his designs were selected. the winning designs are free elee and too fast too furious.


everybody loves a happy world and state-of-mind, and with pieces designed by jemae, tatayeyet aims to share and help spread the happiness. what better way to brighten up your world than with our cheeky, funky and swanky art pieces.
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